The miracle of the concentrated tiger nut milk

In Horchatas HISC we have 120 years of artisan tradition. Located in the surroundings of Valencia, as it could not be otherwise, in the town of Albal, and adjoining the Albufera Natural Park and  having the Valencian cultural and gastronomic roots of the best Mediterranean diet.

That way, our family business that is already in the 4th generation, has been faithful to its philosophy of maintaining the authentic Mediterranean culture in its products and the good making of Europe.

Its main mission has been and will be to develop an horchata (tiger nut milk) that allows all families to enjoy the best flavor and properties any time and any place in the world as they take the fresh horchata of Valencia 100% of Tigernuts freshly extracted from the production to home.

This is how the idea of ​​Concentrated and Condensed Horchata appeared. And so it remains until today, since it was taken by our our grandparents.

The tiger nut milk is a very sensible product to the temperature changes so the natural product only lasts about 5 days, it is impossible to take it in any other way that is not concentrated, if we want it to increase its expiration without having to add preservatives.

By not having to include water, because of the sensitivity of the product, and having to make a pasteurization at such a high temperature, by conserving the sugar in the concentrate, it is possible to maintain the properties, starch, composition and flavor of the horchata more pure with only 3 ingredients.
This is the miracle of the Concentrated Horchata. With a quality far superior to sterilized horchatas, tiger nut milks.

  • Much longer life cycle of the product but producing a

    Horchata without Preservatives, gluten or lactose

  • Much more quantity of product: more than 25% and 50% of the best tiger nuts.

  • We maintain the whole starch, the most natural propertie of the tiger nut milk.

  • It does not need Milk Protein, nor Lactose, nor gluten, nor colorants.

  • The only 100% natural and vegetable Horchata sold in supermarkets.

With more than 40 years producing concentrated tiger nut milk for many clientes since the gourmet channel, small retailers, hotels, (ice cream parlors, cafeterias, restaurants and horchaterías, even hotels rely on our concentrate to offer the highest quality horchata) and condensed for shops and supermarkets throughout Spain. That’s why today our companie is present with more than 5000 clients all over Spain and export to markets such as Canada, EEUU, France, Emirates, etc.

Its texture, aroma and intense flavor is the most similar to the fresh tiger nut milk of all life, but now at home!
Maria Bartolome, Mari Mayans
It is prepared very fast and it is perfect. The best thing is that it is delicious and the unic tiger nut milk that is 100% vegetable and has only natural ingredients is what has captivated me from the beginning..
Juan F.

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