Albufera Natural Park of Valencia
Located in the town of Albal, only 12 km from the city of Valencia and bordering on the Albufera Natural Park of Valencia. Horchata Hisc has the same headquarters since its inception in 1897.

The only one in the world
The influence of the environment, culture and the Mediterranean are the keys for a family that has opted for quality and taste as the flagship of its brand and that lasts until today, as the only company in the world that produces Horchata Concentrada.

100% Valencian and artisan
20 km in the region of the Hort Nord, in Alboraya, has never meant any loss of the 100% Valencian and artisan Entity. In fact a problem of the tradition and culture of Valencia, the port of Catarroja is very close to the factory. The charm of these places that combine the picturesque of an agricultural culture for the excellence that has been known as a reference in world tourism, largely for its rich cuisine with universal products such as Paella and Horchata de Valencia.
Rosa de los Vientos
Arab heritage and Mediterranean culture
An Arab heritage with more than 1000 years of history that has become a symbol of Valencian reference, the orchards of Chufa and consequently the Horchata. Pharaohs drink that was already taken in ancient Egypt.

Avda. Padre Carlos Ferris, 113 46470 Albal Valencia, España