Quality, our main mission

From Horchatas HISC we know very well that our guarantee of success and survival is to maintain the best quality of our tiger nut milk (horchata). High quality tigernuts from Valencia

Tigernuts from Valencia, the highest quality in the world

Not only buy the best tigernuts, for our concentrated and gourmet product we offer a tigernuts juice: 100% valencia tigernuts, of the highest quality from the Alboraya fields in Valencia.

Valencia Tiger Nuts Propereties

The tigernut, Cyperus esculentus, known worldwide as Tiger Nut. It is a tuber that is cultivated in the Valencian orchard.

Its components are extracted by means of a process of rehydration, maceration and pressing, which makes possible the elaboration of the traditional horchata.
It originates from the Nile Valley, and there are written documents, such as that of Teofrasto, which indicate the knowledge and use that the ancient Egyptians already made of this plant. Also the chufa was known and used by the Arabs, Chinese and Persians, who gave it medicinal powers for the treatment and relief of a multitude of ailments.
It was the Arabs, at the time of the Islamic conquest of Spain, who introduced its cultivation in our country.

Horchatas Hisc we know that the main factor of the raw material of the horchata is the tigernut, for that reason we made a careful selection of the best tigernut (double selection), those of more weight and density to obtain this way the best flavor, and quality of the tigernut juice.